Some Quick Facts about our Products

"...there was no repairs needed after the water was drained off. Usually we need to dig a large hole (or several holes) in the middle of the puddle and use a hand operated bilge pump to remove the water. Once the water is gone we need to refill the hole and hand rake everything smooth. With the turtle drain all we did is drop it into the puddle, prime the pump and let it work."
-Eric Lacher
Batvia Park's Director

all of our turtledrains...

- Do Not Clog
- Limitless GPM - Use as many as you'd like!
- Each Drain handling up to 15 GPM - Drains all water down 1/8"
- Can be used on any surface
- Does not hurt grass
- Sand/Mud/Dirt removal very minimal

An Environmentally Preferable Product

- SCS Certified EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product)
- Tested to last ~25 years (we'd argue more)
- ISO-14044 Certified
- Safe around children
- Great for the environment

Option 1 - Siphon Drains to pump water off your ballfield

Siphon Drains
This method works great if you have a change in elevation. All baseball fields have a pitch at 1% in the outfield, so even if you cannot find a near-by sewer or drain to pump the water into, a long hose through the outfield (about 100feet) will also work.

Option 2 - the turtledrain 12v powerport

a portable 12v pump with a 5 hour charge
When you are having a hard time finding that change in elevation for the above siphon pumps, you can always go with a powerport! This portable pump with a solid 5 hour battery charge can pump water wherever you'd like. A 12v system, it is very safe and quiet. It also can be charged from the back of your Gator, Golf Cart, or ATV while also supporting 120v overnight charging.

Option 3 - Using puddlesuckers with your current gas or electric pumps

Your gas pump won't clog up!
The debris filtering process begins at the start of the drain and not the source of the drain. A turtledrain is designed so that first, any debris has to pass through 1" by 1/8" inlets. If the debris partical can get through there, it is sent through another filtering system as these inlets grow smaller as they approach the drain. Finally, any debris that can make it through these inlets will be small enough to pass through a hose and external pump without problem.

Using multiple puddlesuckers with High HP pumps