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  • big portable rubber siphon drain clog free clogless

Is water removal part of your job?

Flooded Roofs, clogged roof drains, leaky roofs causing heating/AC costs to rise
*Turtledrains are a tool every roofer cannot afford to be without! Portable, non-gas/electric, quiet and sucks water down to 1/8." Building owners, check out our roof drains for permanent ponding solutions!
Turf maintenance for flooded soccer fields, baseball diamonds, football stadiums & parks
*A dream-come-true for turf maintenance workers. No field repairs needed as turtledrains DO NOT hurt the grass! They won't clog and automatically shut off once the pond is dry.
Parking lots, water parks, park districts, electric-water safety hazards
*If you pump water with public interference safety is always an issue- not with a turtledrain! No dangerous electric wiring when you need to pump water.

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