perfect for:

  • baseball diamonds
  • flat roofs
  • decks
  • basements
  • golf courses
  • soccer fields
  • construction sites
  • gravel/dirt parking lots
  • fields
  • parks
  • every day outdoors

the puddlesucker: a 21" head with a 1" hose fitting for maximum, clog-resistant drainage

step1 turtledrain water pump draining

maximum, clog-resistant drainage

The puddlesucker may be the perfect compliment to your existing pump with its fast-action, clog-resistant design. Its 1 inch hose adapter (also comes with a 3/8" adapter) is designed to work with your existing pumps. The puddlesucker is ideal for pumping water upward, where a siphon could not operate. So, enjoy the advantages of draining down to 1/8th of an inch with a clog-resistant puddlesucker.

Using Puddlesuckers with your current gas/electric pump

step1 turtledrain water pump draining Click here for Operating Instructions
flooding dewatering instapump
attach a 1" hose

for maximum drainage


compact, durable design for easy storage and carry


no gas or electricity for siphon action


sucks water down to 1/8" of an inch.

optional pumps & dirtguard


ultimate pump protection in the dirtiest of ponds


can take on and off to meet conditions