Which turtledrain portable pump is right for you?

Which turtledrain is best for me?

Are you able to establish a siphon?

Utilizing a siphon with a change in elevation.
This includes pumping water off roofs, parking lots, parks, baseball diamonds, sports fields, or any other place with a drop in elevation or a near by drain or sewer. For these places, we recommend using an instapump or pondhopper model. Visit our Using Siphons with Turtledrains page for an additional explaination of how a siphon works.
Okay, I have found a change in elevation, now what about costs?
The instapump will cost more than a pondhopper but that is because it has a larger drain head, which allows for faster, clog resistant GPM flow rates, and because it has an already built-on pump. A pondhopper may be perfect for you, however, because as a cost-friendly alternative, this smaller, durable turtledrain is primed with an off-unit pump. You can prime multiple pondhoppers with just one simple air pump! Visit the pondhopper page to see more tips and tricks while saving you money.

a few advantages of using a siphon
A siphon works great for pumping water off your roof
With instapump and pondhopper models alike, you can leave the pump on top of the roof while letting a hose dangle off the side of the building that is reachable from ground level. Then, whenever it rains, you can simply prime the pump from ground level. For a permanent solution to keeping water off your roof, check out our roof drains.
A slow-seeping siphon will not hurt the grass and shuts off when the water is gone.
If you are a ballfield, parks, or recreational worker that regularly needs to pump water off, while at the same time not harming, turf of sportsfields, you will love using a siphon-powered turtledrain. Our drains are designed not to drain, put rather seep water through our many turtledrain inlets. The best part is, because it is gravity-powered, when the water is gone the pump will stop sucking- leaving your grass unharmed!

I am unable to find a change in elevation and establish a siphon

However, I want to use a turtledrain because of its clog-resistant design.
No Problem! We recommend a 21" puddlesucker coupled with your existing pump (we suggest keeping it under 1/4hp for clog-resistant action). With our 1" adaptable puddlesucker model, you will enjoy a much-increased GPM flow rate if water is needed to be pumped to an ending high-elevation. Great for basements, buttom of pits and holes, etc.

Make it simple for me, what do you recommend by my trade profession?

The Instapump
Needing no additional pumps or any help using gas/electricity, the Instapump is perfect for any professional that truly wants to use a turtledrain as a stand-alone tool. An instapump belongs in every building and every maintenance truck especially for those moments when your only power option to pump water is by using gravity. Perfect for Roofers, Maintenance Workers, Park and Recreation Workers, Facilities Managers, Sport's Field Maintenance, Landscapers
The Pondhopper
With a smaller, compact 15" rubber head, the Pondhopper needs to be primed by an off-unit pump. This is a great way to cut costs as well as staying dry while pumping water. While the Instapump is made to prime the water at the source of the turtledrain, you could stay dry by priming a Pondhopper at the end of the attached hose. Great for avoiding Mud, Sand Traps, Baseball Infields, or any other area where you may not want to track footprints.
The Puddlesucker
This is basically a blown-up version of the pondhopper. This unit, having a large 21" pickup head, comes with a 1" fitting with a 3/4" adapter included. This is perfect for those areas where you need to pump water upward and must rely on a gas/electric pump to do the work for you, however, while still maintaining the clog-resistant advantages of using a turtledrain. Perfect for Basements, Golf Courses, Sport's Fields