Some Testimonials

Park Districts, Sport's Fields

"...there was no repairs needed after the water was drained off. Usually we need to dig a large hole (or several holes) in the middle of the puddle and use a hand operated bilge pump to remove the water. Once the water is gone we need to refill the hole and hand rake everything smooth. With the turtle drain all we did is drop it into the puddle, prime the pump and let it work."

Swimming Pools, Water Safety

"...we used the Turtledrain to remove standing water from our Concrete Concession Stand deck at our pool. The Guards usually have to squeegee this water off the surface but they had swim lessons to prepare for and did not have time... In comes the Turtledrain. They loved it and it worked great. No noise and no safety issue. They placed a cone on top of the unit and while they were teaching classes the water went down."

Roof Repair, Surface Water Removal

"You know how well it works on flat roofs. We had to make a repair to one of our centrally located roof drains which usually requires a shop vac and back pack blower. We installed the Turtledrain the night before and by 7:00 am the next morning everything was dry and ready for us to do our work."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove large puddles in my front and back lawn without Digging?

By using turtledrain puddle picker uppers. Check out our videos section for the video on that specific problem.

Our parking lot has large areas of standing water after rain and cuts down on available parking spaces. What can I do?

A simple way to remove standing water is with our Instapump, Puddlesucker, or Pondhopper models. You can siphon the water to a nearby sewer for a safe, non gas/electric natural water pump!

We have ponding on a customer's flat roof that we are presently reroofing and it is a constant problem. We are located in the far north west and it rains a lot. What ya got for us?

The Instapump, 15" Pondhopper or our Roofers Electric Roof Drain. Show up to work to a dry roof!

We are a property management company and often have properties that require extensive roof work done but it will be 6 months or more before there will be adequate funds can you help?

Your roofer can rent you an Electric Roof Drain by the month which can reduce the ponding problem till your roofer can put down a new roofing system.

Our soccer fields and base ball fields for amateur and little league have standing water frequently after a rain and it takes a long time and a lot of work to dry them out. What do you have that can help us and not require digging holes or maybe not so many holes?

Our Instapump, Puddlesucker, and Pondhopper models come with removable dirtguards. These are safe on the grass and keep our drains from clogging. Once you prime a turtledrain, you can rest assured, go about your day, and come back to a dry sport's field!

Can your drains be used on green roofs?

Yes, to drain excess rain water or to water and feed the green roof elements during the dry season or all three. Their low profile will allow your green roof designer more control of the growing medium moisture content.

Why are your products difficult to clog?

The patented EPDM rubber debris guards water pickup portion of our different drainage systems are the key to the effective removal of large ponded area. By using the siphon and a small diameter garden hose ( reinforced rubber ) the pond slowly moves toward to the deepest area where the drain is located. Slow steady removal and the design of the drain make clogging the drain very difficult.

Can a pump be used with your drains?

Yes as long as the pumps output is less than 5 Gal. a minute or less.

Clogged roof drains, standing water around roof drains and these add to roof leaks right?

Yes they will. A roofing consultant will be able to help you find the right solution.

We have a BUR roof with puddles and it blisters big time on warm summer days HELP.

You have a goodly amount of trapped water in between the layers of roofing membranes . It can increase heating and cooling costs significantly.

We have annoying puddles on our soccer, (football) fields can your drains help remove some of them without digging hole in our fields and really making a mess?

Our drains are designed to move water slowly thus allowing more water to be collected in the dirtiest of conditions (especially in thick turf or sand).