Too bad Mr. Hare!

Attention maintenance workers, building owners, or anyone that needs to pump water! In a contest where clog-resistant drains will save you time and money, read why a slow and steady draining turtledrain wins the race.

do you regularly pump water?

Introducing turtledrain portable drains

Tired of replacing your current electric or gas submersible water pump? Turtledrains are an SCS (in accordance with ISO-14044) certified product and you can expect them to last 10-15 years longer than "conventional utility pumps."
Ask yourself how money gas/electric water pumps you have needed to replace throughout your career. Also, think of all the time you have spent managing your pump, having to refill on gas or find an AC outlet, while making sure it didn't clog?
A turtledrain is the answer to your problems. With non-electric components, you can expect the lifecycle of a turtledrain to last nearly 25 years! Besides the hundreds of dollars you will spend over the years on replacing pumps, think of the all the labor you save with a portable, noiseless, gravity-powered turtledrain!
Prime a turtledrain and go grab a cup of coffee! A turtledrain's patented, clog resistant design enables you to leave it unattended while you can go do other things.

do you own a flat roof?

Introducing turtledrain roof drains

Consider...When your flat roof begins to pond water, we're sure you are already aware of the costs in leak repairs, or let alone, the safety hazards in having a leaky roof. What's even deadlier to your budget, however, is what the ponds or flooded areas on your roof are doing to your building. When a roof starts to leak, your buildings insulation and foundation is compromised. On top of sky-rocketing heating an AC costs to combat high moisture and temperature loss, you are at risk of structural damage. Now, instead of spending thousands of dollarson a new roof alone, you may be up against new siding, windows, and whatever else that may be exposed to the infiltrating water.

And let's not forget...

some of the health hazards of having ponding water on your flat roof. Stagnent water is a breeding ground for misquitos and also, when that water makes it to your buildings foundation, chemicals (like Asbestos) release from the building's structural components.

Okay, you got me. So how can a turtledrain help?

When it comes to ponding problems, flat roofs are cost-devouring, maintenance-consuming nightmare. This is an age-old dilemma, and as a matter of fact, these very problems were the reason that inspired the invention of turtledrains. Flat roofs are like a car, they will expire eventually- but its sustainability is completely up to the caretaking of their owner. Our roof drains are designed not to fix your roof, but they are designed to extend the life of a flat roof by years.

Turtledrain's pond-tracking roof drains are the solution.
Of everything you have just read, the problem with ponding water on roofs is that water cannot make it to your current roof drains (see picture). That is because over time, your roof will settle uneven often making the drain areas the points of high elevation. With turtledrains, they are installed directly into the ponds themself- releiving your building of its current ponding problems affecting the livelyhood of your operation.

in more detail...

Tired of replacing your current electric or gas submersible water pump? Turtledrains are an SCS (in accordance with ISO-14044) certified product and you can expect them to last 10-15 years longer than "conventional utility pumps."
Turtledrains use no gas or electricity while their patented design is clog-resistant. Once you prime a turtledrain you can go about your day while resting assured it will not clog. Prime it, leave it, and come back to a dry surface.

If you are familiar with removing water than you are probably aware that removing the water is only half the battle. When clogging is involved- drains don't always drain and pumps don't always pump. Our drains are built around this principle. We have developed a unique, one-of-a-kind and clog resistant drain that doesn't just suck water through one source, but rather the water "seeps" through many spliced 1/8" tall inlets.

If you're a building owner then we bet it can get pretty frustrating when ponding or flooded water can't make it to your roof drains. Our roof drains are built to target the ponds directly. When water can't find the drains, our turtles will find the water! With easy-to-install instructions, our roof drains may be the cost-saving option that certainly beats replacing an entire new roof. As we like to say, "Buy Time, Not a New Roof!"